Family midwife

The services performed by a family midwife cover:

comprehensive obstetric, neonatological and gynecological care, including:

  • family planning education
  • care during pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium, including pre-labor education of pregnant women (including high-risk pregnancies), starting with the twenty-first week of pregnancy until the moment of delivery
  • care over women, new-born children and infants until the completion of the second month of life, carried out as part of patronage visits
  • care in gynecological diseases, including providing care over women after gynecological or gynecological oncology surgeries, covering the period from hospital discharge until complete healing of the post-operative wound, performed on the basis of a referral from the physician by whom the surgery was performed
  • the performance of injections and treatments in accordance with their respective competences, on request of other health insurance physicians, in the primary health care midwife’s treatment room and at the patient’s home
  • care over women at every stage of their life
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